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SLC Surf Rat
3/13-17 Norway Trip Report
Date: Mar 25, 2009 1:38:44 PM PDT
Author: SLC Surf Rat

The Wallowas '09 Posse was treated to the goods for the third straight year. Sunny on the way in and the east face before the saddle was mighty tasty that first day; 2nd day offered up 10" of graupel for cool sliding a few strides from the yurt; 3rd day was another foot on the graupel and more soft and silky yo-yoing near the yurt; 4th day same as third and the fifth a yo-you session on the east face and a casual cruise and slog out to the put-in. No alpine meant 4 star for the "Kurilicious" Charter.

Tasty food, relaxing sauna, no sleds, the basin all to ourselves what more can a Wasangeles skier want.

Thanks to Joel, Zobott and Sunshine for their great hosting/guiding and culinary stuffings. Nice work on that harmonica Sunshine!

Go to:
to get a visual.

If you have yet to go make it happend 'cause skiing in the wilderness is the best!

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