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UIOP CPR Trip 3/16-19/2009
Date: Mar 20, 2009 9:57:32 PM PDT
Author: Beis

Hats off to WAH, CB and crew, especially Morgan (aka
Aquaman, the chef, and a kindred spirit) and the “intern”
“Evon” (aka slowboarder). After the incident @ Aneroid the
week before our scheduled trip there was rightfully put on
hold. CB gave a breath of fresh air (CPR) to our trip by
offering up a stay and powder stash @ McCully. A much
needed PCISR (Post Critical Incident Stress Relief) for Trev
and I (gotta get back on the horse). 20 years since my last
visit with Dave P., the mountains are the same, but the
glisser (to slide over snow) perspective has change
substantially, must be the gear. The snow was soft and
silky, the food superb, yet “calorie neutral”. The conditions
and psyche warranted conservative lines and deep
conversations that touched spiritual voids.
The “next generation” has arrived in the Wallowas and is
doing well. Thanks again! MB (aka Beis) University of Idaho
Outdoor Program and the “North Idaho Crew”.
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